Here are some photos, old and new, of some of my favorite moments
shared with friends and family...

Roger (age 6) and Mom, Gerry Lee (Williams)
getting an early start...

Mom and Roger (age 15)

Roger 1964

Brother David and Roger circa '66

Roger and Mom, Gerry Lee early '70s

Roger at a house party circa 1970

Berkshire Mtn. Boys, 1980.
L to R: BobGoddu,Roger,HerbApplin

White Mountain Bluegrass
Front L to R: BillSage,Herman,Roger.
Standing: Hazel and Mac

White Mountain Bluegrass fresh from
1st European tour (note wooden shoes)
at Thomas Point Beach,
Brunswick, ME circa 1984


White Mountain Bluegrass with
Ray Legere, 1986

Roger, Hazel and Herman
early '80s

WMB late 90's. L to R: Gary Pomerleau, Roger,
Jackie Greenwood,
Hazel, Mac, Herman, Gary Filgate


WMB with Bill Monroe, Portsmouth Music Hall (NH) late '80s

WMB in Zermat, Switzerland '86
(note Matterhorn in background)

Roger with Bill Grant & Delia Bell '96
Back row: Dick Peletier, Gary Filgate, Gary Pomerleau

'The Alternative'
L to R: Roger, Bob Dick, Ray Legere and Dave Dick, circa 1986

'The Alternative' in performance

Acoustic Horizon circa 1990
L to R: Frank Doody, Ron Savoie,
Fern Maillet, Ray Legere and Roger

Father and son Jonathan late '80s

Acoustic Horizon with Roger and son,
Jonathan in late '80s

The 'Fireball' album band:
L to R - Herman McGee, Roger, Ray Legere,
Sharon Horovitch, Dave Dick
Thomas Point Beach 1984

Don Stover and Roger's son, Jonathan ('JD')
summer of '87

Son Jonathan and Dad, mid '90s

Ray Legere and Roger '92

Rick Lang & Friends
From L to R: Roger, Bob Dick,
Rick Lang and Dave Dick
circa 1990

Roger w/Southern Rail mid '90s

Blue Diamond '98
L - R: Roger, Stan Tyminski,
Pete Soukas, Gary Filgate

The New England Bluegrass Band
circa 2000
L to R: Lincoln Meyers, Pete Soukas, Cecil Abels,
Gary Pomerleau, Roger
Front: Gary Filgate

Amy Gallatin, John Urbanik and Roger
Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival, 2001

Lincoln Meyers and Roger at the Grog
Newburyport, MA Nov. 2003

NEBgB 2003
L to R: Chris Pandolfi, Pete Soukas, Roger (sitting),
Cecil Abels, Lincoln Meyers

NEBgB with Roland White, circa 2004

NEBgB in Boston, circa 2004

The Joyce Andersen Show
York, Maine, circa 2005

EWOB Workshop May 2005

NEBgB at Big Bear Festival 2005

Andy Hall & Roger Jammin' at Podunk Festival CT '05

Roger playing bass in a Hillbilly Murder Mystery

At The Black Cat
Laconia, NH

Roger & friend Mike Fernald with their Clinesmiths

Roger at Chaney Hall
Manchester, CT

Uncle Josh Graves and Roger '88

AGSW at IBMA showcase '08
(l to r: Mike Bub, Ben Pearce, Roger, Mike Kropp, Amy)

JD Williams

JD at Sunny Mtn. Fest., Switzerland

AGSW in Litchfield, CT

Mainline Express
L - R: Pete Soukas, Gary Filgate, Jesse Brock,
John Miller, and Roger

Roger & JD Williams 2012

Roger with Slavek HanzlikTtrio
Dobrofest, Slovakia 1999

At the Dolphin Striker, Portsmouth, NH
L-R: Chris Pandolfi (hidden left), Roger,
Cecil Abels, Chris 'Critter' Eldridge

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